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Monday, January 26, 2015

Dan Venditto

Dan Venditto hails from the great state of Pennsylvania in a little town called Ephrata. The internet is a remarkable place to find anything and everything you are interested in and one day I stumbled upon Dan’s photography. It was different, new looking and yet kind of reminded me of myself in little way. He's always trying new things and growing as an artist. I have loved witnessing his progression and eagerness to capture everything amazing when it comes to motorcycles. Every single picture I see him getting closer and closer to mastering his craft. It brings me the biggest smile to welcome Dan Venditto to Fuel Cleveland, who will also be showcasing some of his amazing work on May 9th, 2015. 

-Mikey Revolt

Dan Venditto, where do you call home?

D: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I’ve always lived in the general area. 

Is there a certain draw to you and motorcycles or do you photograph more than just bikes?

D: Almost always motorcycles, but I have been playing around with bud’s cars, trucks and some skate shots lately.

What has been your favorite place, event or even time of your life?

D: My favorite place would have to be where I live. It’s a very small-town… I dig it. Strange Days is damn near my perfect event – laid-back hangin’ with lots of badass bikes and good people. Time of my life would have to be right now…tons of stability but many doors are opening.

Is there a place you would want to jump on your bike and just go right now if you had the chance to do so?

D: Southern California, preferably in the middle of nowhere, like where I live now…perfect weather and open roads. The South would have to be my second choice, warm weather and a slower pace.

What is your dream bike?

D: One with two wheels, some character and history, but only something my extremely talented buds had a hand in building. I’ve made some awesome friends in this short time and I’d be honored if they were a part of my dream bike.

How long have you been into photography?

D: I guess I’ve always had an interest in photography, but only picked up a serious camera about two years ago. Self-taught with plenty of mistakes.

What moves and inspires you? What inspires your photography?

D: Solid, genuine, humble people have always inspired me. They also tend to be the ones that share my taste in motorcycles and what I like to photograph. I’ve been described as very private and simple, and have no problem with it. Quality, character and a sense of history also move me.

How many miles have you put on your bike or camera this past year?

D: A decent amount on the camera but nowhere near enough on the bike. My intent when starting to photograph bikes was to learn more. The camera has briefly robbed me of that, but it won’t always be the case.

You a Canon or Nikon guy? Or something completely different?

D: Canon

What vision do you want to portray and share with people when you take a photo?

D: A good image. I’m not that deep. I shoot what I like, that’s about it.

Any crazy or chaotic stories about a trip, photo shoot, or event?

D: Nothing that has to do with being on a motorcycle. Plenty of good times, I'm no saint, but nothing I’d say was chaotic. Again, I’m the simple one here, but lucky enough to have crazy buds that are cool with it. I’ve seen a lot, but keep my mouth shut, so I get invited back. 

What was 13 year old Dan like?

D: 13 year old Dan? Fat (but happy).

Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos? Hahahaha

D: Yes – see above. I’m not picky. I’ll eat just about anything that isn’t good for me, especially after a night of partying.

Anyone you would like to give a shout out to or thank?

D: Roost Cycles, ChopCult, Puresludge, DC and Mikey Arnold…their guidance, support, tolerance of my stupidity, and having my back has been immeasurable. 

Anything you find interesting about yourself or any stories you want to share or add?

D: Interesting, no. I’m sure that I’m the simplest one in the mix. I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me to be among this fine company. I thank everyone involved for making it happen.

Be sure to check out Dan's work at the show and for more of his Photography go to www.dv8sport.com

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