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Monday, February 16, 2015

Jason Sheets 1940 Knuckle Pantry Find

Jason Sheets, hailing from Hagerstown, Maryland, has been building custom hot rods and old Harleys for a little over 20 years. If you are looking for someone to restore an old Harley or car on the East Coast, Jason is the guy to see. He is currently working on 4 projects and creating masterpieces from some of the oldest finds like this 1940/1947 Knuckle Head. Jason found this bike in a "million pieces" in a local guy's pantry. As the story goes, in 1940 a farmer bought it brand new and rode it through the gas rationing during WW2. The farmer wrecked it in '48 and left it in his field where it was used as target practice until someone saved it from going to the scrap yard for $200. From there, years passed and all the original pieces sat dissassembled in the pantry where Jason had recently discovered it. It's incredible to see something like this get brought back to life and roam the roads once again. Jason restored it back to life having almost every original part but he did put a 1947FL motor in the 1940 chassis to make it have a little more power so that his wife, Jen, can race it at this year's "Race of the Gentleman". He used the '40 motor for another project.

"I started putting it back together going through the crates and coffee cans of parts trying to use every bolt and clamp that I had. I repaired the frame and rebuilt or repaired every part. I was missing some things like the wheels, seat and sheet metal. My wife's uncle had given us his old gold '47 knuckle gas tanks before he passed away of cancer so we thought that would be a nice tribute to him when she raced it, so I used those on the bike. I patched the bullet holes in the oil tank and left the other ones in the exhaust and the primary cover." - Jason

Jason's 31 VL build
Jason's 31 VL build
'29 Ford Roadster
Few of Jason's Hot Rod builds

Jason was an invited builder for Born Free 6 and showed off this beautiful 1958 Panhead build. This is also the bike on the cover of the newest Lowside Magazine issue 15.

1956 Pan Head
You can check out Jason's Pantry find in person at Fuel Cleveland on May 9th and stay up to date on everything he is working on at www.instagram.com/56panhead

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