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Friday, March 6, 2015

Doug Ewing

You may have seen some pretty iconic photos floating around the internet and on social media lately from this dude right here; the one and only Doug Ewing. His compositions, layouts, portraits, color choices, and even his black and whites are so on point it's insane. His photography is truly a remarkable thing of beauty. I can see a lot of Doug's work being very commercial and used in tons of high-end magazines in the very near future. From portraits, to cool action shots, and even hot babes on the beach. Doug captures it all, in his own very distinct style. For example, his portraits always tell a story of the person without a word even being written down, it's a hard thing to do and he does it exceptionally well. I am so excited that Doug is coming all the way from Iowa to showcase some of his brilliant work at Fuel Cleveland on May 9th. Check out the one-on-one interview we did a little while ago. Enjoy!

-Mikey Revolt

Doug Ewing, where do you rest your head at night?

D: I'm currently splitting time between St. Louis and my hometown of Keokuk, Iowa.

Tell us a little about yourself. 

D: I was born just across the river in Illinois, but I spent all of my childhood in Iowa. Typical small river town...depleting population, stinky air, run down buildings...but it was home. Couldn't wait to get out as a kid (which I did). Couldn't wait to come back years later as an adult (which I did). Throughout the years I've immersed myself in many different things, but the one constant has been photography. I can proudly say I haven't had a "real job" in over 11 years! If I'm not shooting, my days are usually full of hanging with friends and family, quality time with my girl Miriam and our three yes THREE cats, hitting that gym to keep my girly figure, pounding red bulls, watching pro wrestling (a lot), skating and snowboarding as much as I can, and traveling constantly.

What's a day in the life of Doug right now?  

D: Pretty big things in the works right now. In the Virgin Islands, for work, as we speak. Been hustling with my man Kenny Slaughter putting together photos for a St. Louis issue of Show Class. That's taken up most of the shooting schedule recently. Also working hard on a national marketing campaign to take my biz to the next level. Mostly just petting the cats, though :)

When did photography start for you? 

 D: Skateboarding opened up literally everything for me. I was 15, and it blew my mind seeing all the great skate mags doing their thing, so I bought "one of those cameras where the lens comes off" and boom I was set. Soaked everything in like a sponge.

If there was a place you could jump on a bike and just go, where would it be and why? 

D: Probably straight to Hood Bush! Holy shit what a great time that was. Colorado / Utah would be lovely, especially since I also lived in Denver for a while. Basically the entire southwest US is epic. Spent many hours traveling around there. Local countryside here in Iowa is very underrated. I appreciate it much more in my older years.

What kind of bike do you have right now and/or are working on?

D: An evo sporty starter kit in the works, and hopefully getting @panheadsteve's mini chopper running again. That thing is squirrelly!

What is your camera preference, Canon, Nikon, or other? 

D: I'm a Nikon guy personally, but I've used them all. Thankfully, the cameras have advanced to the point where you don't have to shell out $10,000 for something decent. Wouldn't mind a Phase One back, though.

Who or what inspires and motivates you as an artist? 

D: The chopper scene has been extremely inspirational. Seeing the comradery between everyone, not to mention all the amazing work everyone is doing, keeps me on my toes. The big timers I worked with in LA, their work is so solid I can't help but be inspired to keep pushing. David LaChappelle, Tim Tadder, Art Streiber, Scott Pommier...those dudes kill it. So thankful to have worked with them.

What is one of the coolest things that has have ever happened while on a shoot or crazy story from a shooting photos?

D: I worked for Playboy for a year...enough said! Haha for real. Working with Pam Anderson at the Mansion was a trip. Just being there was insane. Didn't meet Hef though! I lived in LA for 9 years as a photo assistant for many top photographers. Traveled the world, worked on Rolling Stone cover shoots, roaming the streets of Paris with the Vans crew, getting lost in Japan, etc. There was this one time in the Dominican...I was working with the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders on their swimsuit calendar. We wrapped the entire shoot early, so everyone had time to dick around at the pool bar. Chillin' with cheerleaders, getting drunk, and hanging off shit yelling like drunk monkeys. I had to pee...but didn't feel like getting out of that pool. I floated about 20 yards away from everyone and one of the cheerleaders spotted me, wondering what I was doing. I told her "I think you know what I'm doing!" And she came over by me anyways. So basically I pissed on a Miami Dolphins cheerleader end of story :)

Is there a place of serenity for you, or a place you find a sense of peace at? 

D: I love being at home, because that's where most of my people are. Family, long time friends, etc. We're all busy with our shit, but it's nice to be 5 min away from them, as opposed to 2,000 miles away in LA. Also, just straight up being LOST! Being on the road is the shit, period. Just going to an intersection and turning one way or the other, not knowing where to go, but going anyways. Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes it's creepy as all hell, but it's always good.

Your portraits are some of my favorites, do you try and tell a story with them or try and let it just be as natural as it can be? 

D: Thank you I appreciate that! The story is in the subjects I like to shoot. Frankly, I just like to shoot cool shit. Based on my portfolio, "cool shit" means old bearded dudes, musicians, skaters, tattoo artists, people who ride, etc. I'll set up a shot, and it will be a production, with lighting, locations, etc., but it still needs to be authentic. It needs to be real, and I believe I accomplish that.

What kind of lighting set up do you use? How important is lighting to you? 

D: I mix it up quite a bit, but in general, it's important that I can CONTROL that light. I love natural light as well, which I can't really control, but I can shape it, or simply choose the right time of day to use it. I have Profoto gear, and I'll also use Speedlights if I have to be more mobile. A lot of times, I can't have the 10 lights I really want, so I'll use Photoshop to make it look like I had 10 lights, especially for chopper shoots. Light things separate, then paint it all together in PS. Lighting is almost as fun for me as the shoots themselves.

Any big projects in the works or big plans in the near future? 

D: Look out for that St. Louis Show Class issue hopefully this year. Tons of content when that goes to press. Hoping to do another cheerleader calendar in paradise in a few months also. Other than that, just hammering out my portfolio and hoping to lock down some nationwide / international clients.

Mac or PC, Lightroom or Photoshop? 

D: Mac baby! They got me hooked. That shit is pricey, but it's worth it. The Mac setup just simplifies everything for me. I use both Lightroom and PS. Capture One software is also excellent, but I'm a Lightroom guy.

Has there been any kind of moment in your life that has changed you into who you are today? 

D: I always bring it back to skateboarding. If that didn't come into my life, I don't know if I ever would've picked that camera up. My Mom was also very supportive. She loved photography, and supported me every step of the way. RIP Mama I love you.

When did you get in to motorcycles? Did you find them or did they find you? 

D: Thank Mr. Michael Geltz aka Flying Weasel for that. We've been best buds for a looooong time. When he immersed himself into the chopper scene, it gave me great access to everything going on in the chopper community. Can't thank him enough for all his help. He introduced me to a world full of great people doing great things, and I'm thankful to have captured some of those moments.

What other mediums of art have you been apart of and/or mastered? 

D: I'm a one trick pony, man! DO NOT ASK ME TO DRAW ANYTHING! :) Photography has allowed me to see things differently and appreciate all forms of artistic expression...but my talents begin and end there.

What are some goals and/or things on a bucket list you want to accomplish in your life time?

D: I seriously need to learn another language. Super spoiled growing up in the USA. And I should skydive more often, cause that is amazing. I suppose I should get that bike sometime soon too. The ultimate goal is to live a full life, full of friends, family, traveling, etc. I believe I'm off to a solid start.

What was the worst or best moment from a recent trip you have been on? 

D: I'm getting paid to hang out in the Virgin Islands as I write this...so that's pretty killer! Most of my recent trips have been work related, so I'll switch it up a bit...I got shit hammered at a WWE show recently and got on TV holding a sign that said "Dump em Out". I'm a nerd when it comes to that nonsense, and I had the best of times.

Are you a kitten or puppy kinda guy? ahahaha

D: Pussy always wins! Haha well I have three cats so you tell me. :) I love all animals, but the kitties get me, man.

Anyone you would like to give a shout out to or thank?

D: Big thanks to you Mikey for all you're doing / will be doing in the future. All my choppy homies thanks so much for the support...Flying Weasel, Panhead Steve, Toby Davis, STL crew (Kenny, The Andy's, Jesse, Eric, Weedmann), KC dudes (Sheazilla, Ricky), Show Class Mag for running my snappy snaps, all my friends and family, my girl Miriam, and our kids Lilly, Ellie, and Peaches aka the cats.

Be sure to check out Doug's photography at Fuel Cleveland, May 9th and for more of his work go check out his website: www.dougewingphoto.com

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