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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Greg Grohola "The Papaglide" '58 FLH

"The Papaglide" is titled as a '58 FLH and owned by Detroit, Michigan native, Greg Grohola. The bike was purchased a few years ago as just a pile of parts. Greg's good friend Brad Richards aka 'Zon' was invited to Born Free 6 as a builder with Ry Seidler. The build entailed using Greg's pile which Brad would eventually call "The Papaglide." I asked Greg why "Papaglide" and he replied, "It's a long story ... hahaha... Brad also calls me papa bear." Ry did all of the fab work on Brad's absolutely incredible design, and Greg did all the mechanics. This build took the team about 6 months last winter, 2013/2014. The original HD frame was narrowed at the seat and they tried to use entirely Harley parts. You will see countless bikes in your life but this one definitely stands out in a crowd. From the eccentric lines, to the hint of goldish yellow that just pops off so tasteful on the the tank and rear fender. Not to mention there is a shifter in the middle of the gas tank! There are entirely way too many details to mention and the only way you are ever going to be able to truly experience the beauty of this bike, is in person. We are so excited to have Greg, from Detroit "Chopcity", bring down one of my favorite bikes from Born Free 6 "The Papaglide" to share with Fuel Cleveland on May 9th.

-Mikey Revolt

Everyone's question when they see this bike is always, "is the shifter is functional?" Yes and it it's flawless, runs extremely great, and I got to ride it a bunch this past summer! -Greg

Check out more of Greg's awesome bikes and adventures on his IG www.instagram.com/gpgteamg

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