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Monday, March 2, 2015

Tim Wise "1945 Knuckle Head"

Tim Wise is one of a few that help run an amazing motorcycle mag, called Lowside Magazine, based out of Baltimore, Maryland. You may have heard of it but if you have been sleeping under a rock, I highly suggest swinging over to their website and snatching up a few. Enlighten yourself a little. I asked Tim what he was working on the last time I saw him a few months back and he smiled at me with his evil grin, "a 1945 knuckle, no biggie." Immediately, I got excited to hear more about it but he wasn't sharing too much information. I told him, "Well, you are going to have to bring it to Fuel Cleveland on May 9th then and show it off that way!" I have known Tim for a few years now and I know all about his wide array of gnarly bikes that he has collected over the years. He is an overall fan of anything with two wheels and just loves to ride the living shit out of all of them. Tim is a talented writer, an "ok builder" he says, into metal/punk rock, skateboarding, and he's an all around genuine dude that I am glad to call a friend of mine. I can't wait to see his knuckle creation and I am glad I gave him a little more motivation to finish it. Instead of the typical interviews and stuff I have been doing on here I asked Tim to write a little something about himself and see where it went. Change it up a little, I guess, since he does a great job of it. If you ever look in the front of a Lowside Mag, check out the front pager by Tim, it's always a good read. Enjoy!

-Mikey Revolt

Growing up, I remember hearing my mother say “jack of all trades, king of nothing” a handful of times. It didn’t really mean shit to me at the time, but the older I got the more it started to resonate in my head. I think that pretty much explains everything about my life. I build motorcycles, but I’m very, very far from being good or even noteworthy. I can weld, but I wouldn’t call myself a welder, or even a good one. I’ve skateboarded for years and still look like a kook most of the time. Myself and a few other people are Lowside Magazine, and we are definitely not the best or most well received motorcycle mag on the market. These are all truths that I have accepted over time. I’ll never be famous, I’ll never be a rock star and you’ll never see me on the cover of Rolling Stone. Is that even still a magazine? I guess what I’m getting at here is I suck at most of the shit I do but it makes me happy and I’m going to do it regardless of how proficient I am. Riding a bike I built gives me a sense of pride, even though its not a show stopper or something totally mind-blowing. I’m still gonna skate even though I can’t do handrails or anything like that, because I love the feeling of being on a board. And we are most definitely going to keep putting out Lowside Magazine because we’re all still stoked on it. Sometimes people besides us are even stoked on it, If you’re not familiar Lowside Magazine is a chopper mag that has every kind of bike in it. We don’t discriminate when it comes to cool shit. 
So Mikey asked me to bring one of my bikes and one of my very good friend Tyler’s bikes to the Fuel Cleveland show. I’m kind of at a loss because I don’t think anyone will really give a shit about my bikes but I’m really stoked to be given the opportunity. I told one of my friends, a Born Free builder, and he just laughed at me. I guess that's a testament to how surprising it is. However I can guarantee my bike will be the type of bike that gets ridden and the type of bike I’ll be stoked on, and that’s all it's really about. Thanks again to Mikey for inviting me and the magazine to the party. 

"Worst case, I guess, I could just bring my Pan if I don't finish it in time ahahah not that anyone wants to look at the thing." - Tim Wise

Remember that time your broke your sissy bar on Gypsy Run 7?

If you like amazing motorcycles and the culture that surrounds it make sure to check out www.lowsidesyn.com for the newest Lowside Magazines, merch and more. Also, be sure to check out Tim's Knuckle build at Fuel Cleveland on May 9th.

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  1. Absa-freakin-lutely !! I stumbled in here on an FB link... What a fortunate man I am!! I will be absorbed in reading this here page, and gawkin at the pics!! It's been a few years in my life... since these kinda things went on... but what a revival this page is gonna bring me!! Keep publishin !!