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Friday, March 20, 2015

Warren Heir Jr. "Pabst Powered" '76 Shovelhead

Warren Heir is an extremely talented bike builder with some rich family history in the motorcycle community.  He is also one of two great guys that put on a show you may have heard of called Mama Tried. At this year's show he had on display an amazing Pabst themed Shovelhead that he had literally finished a week or so before the show. Naturally, I was drawn to it. It was love at first sight for the sole fact that Pabst is my go-to beer and my love for Shovelheads is so strong. The best of both worlds for me, truly. Being a themed bike you would have your doubts because of what the 90's did with overblowing crazy elaborate themes for "choppers" but this bike was done so tastefully. Warren's attention to details and yet keeping the bike simple, really made this bike something special. It was a no-brainer to invite Warren and his crazy cool "Pabst Powered" bike to Fuel Cleveland. It will be on display and attracting like minded eyes on May 9th! Makes me want to drink a beer and ride motorcycles right now! Not sure that is a such a good idea, not really something you should do at the same time. haha

-Mikey Revolt

"I was raised in my parent's Harley shop, Warrens Cycle based in Illinois which started back in 1981. My dad still runs the shop to this day. He builds my motors and transmissions for me. I started building bikes little over 15 years ago. It all started with a 1965 Panhead that I helped my dad restore. I really didn't build my first bike on my own until after college though. I was tired of having to wait for my Dad to weld for me so I just decided to do it myself one day and the rest is history." - Warren 

"Mama Tried came about when Scott told me we should do a bike show. I told him to get bent and that I hated bike shows!! After a few years of him poking me he was able to talk me into it. We wanted to put on a show where everyone was welcome and that featured bikes of different styles could all be under one roof, not just choppers or race bikes. We both love all bikes! No matter what shape or style."

- Warren

To see more of Warren's beautiful bike builds make sure to keep up with his blog www.jrscycleproducts.blogspot.com There is over 7 years of goodness on there. Check it out!!!

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