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Monday, April 13, 2015

Choppahead Big Truth and Jay Medeiros

I have always said punk rock and hardcore music go hand in hand with motorcycles and the people that make them great. Choppahead is a prime example of that exact theory. Hailing from Massachusetts's Hardcore/punk scene, Big Truth founded the company in 2000 and brought in long time friend Jay Medeiros around 2001 as a partner. That DIY mentality and work ethic you get from being in a hardcore/punk rock band can't be taught over night. It's a skill that once found is the most amazing feeling and most rewarding trait one can have. It's something you will never lose after the band days gone and pass. You can tell the passion and drive these two have for bringing vintage european bikes back to life is out of this world and they do it with a new attitude and personality to each and every single one. If you haven't seen a Choppahead build you probably should do some research. Every single bike they touch is done with pure class, clean lines and masterfully put together. Truth and Jay are bringing down to Fuel Cleveland the "The Nickel Peeper Pre-Unit" to showcase on May 9th and I couldn't be more excited to have them. Check out some amazing photos of this bike and a few other of their builds. 

-Mikey Revolt

Photos by Jay Fortin

"Gritty, Loud, Fast, Dangerous, and DIY through and through!" - Choppahead

We're known for our classic Triumphs and British builds, but we do some American builds as well. We're a full service shop - fabrication, motor rebuilds, paint, assembly, service/repair, etc. In June we're going to be opening a new shop location that will also have considerable retail space. Our first love is choppers, but we also do a lot of other custom builds; cafe racers, desert sleds, weird hybrids, as well as Triumph restorations. 

Big Truth really got into motorcycles in the late 90's. To him it's a logical extension of punk rock ethos - as said above - loud, fast, dangerous, DIY... he got into British bikes because he had fond memories of his dad's old BSA, and also as a street kid that's all he could afford at the time. Plus back then Triumphs weren't as hip as they are now, so it was a little fuck-you to the fat tire 60k build craze that was going on at the time. 

Jay Medeiros grew up in a biker household. His father was building custom Triumph's and HD's since the 70's. Jay's first bike is a pre-unit chopper that his father built in the 70's. He procured the bike from his Uncle sometime in 2000 - and proceeded to completely tear it down and rebuild it - and is still riding it till this day. 

Both Truth and Jay's first personal chops were featured in a Triumph Choppers feature in The Horse Magazine in 2001. By then they had full bore chopper sickness, but no money, so they decided to build a bike together - to split costs, and just cause they had a need to keep building. That bike (dubbed "The Slayer Bike") took first place at Vintage Laconia that year over 25 other Triumph restorations and customs. They've been building together ever since.

Spec Sheet:
General Info
Year 1955/1962
Model Pre-unit Triumph Bonneville
Engine Triumph Bonneville
Displacement 650cc
Carb Amal 930's
Air Cleaner Velocity Stack
Exhaust Choppahead Kustoms

Make Triumph 4 Speed

Year 1955 Swing arm frame, mated to a 1950 rigid rear section
Make Triumph
Rake stock
Stretch stock

Front End
Type HD Springer

Front Size 16"
Front Type Big Twin
Front Brakes HD Big Twin Mechanical Drum
Rear Size 16"
Rear Type Big Twin rim, with Triumph Hub
Rear Brakes Triumph

Painter Choppahead Kustoms
Graphics Charlie the One Armed Bandit did the Pinstriping
Chrome Nickel, no chrome!

Bars Choppahead Kustom mated to springer top tree
Risers None
Gas Tank Choppahead Kustom split mustang - rear fender is a stock Triumph pre-unit fender half.
Oil Bag Triumph pre-unit
Headlight 4 1/2 Bates style, Choppahead Kustom mount
Taillight Vintage Lucas light with Choppahead Kustom plate bracket

Some more of their builds

Be sure to check out Choppahead's beautiful Triumph build at Fuel Cleveland on May 9th and for more awesomeness from these dudes check out their website www.choppahead.com

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