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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Frank Bowman - The Iron Panther

Photo By: Erick Runyon

We extended an invite out to Frank Bowman hailing all the way from St. Petersburg, Florida where he will be bringing his one of a kind Ironhead called "The Iron Panther" to showcase on May 9th for Fuel Cleveland. It was recently featured in the Handbuilt Show. We asked ourselves, "Why not have Frank come to Cleveland and have him showoff this crazy machine to the Midwest?" His talents of building bikes is out of this world and he has a fresh take on how a bike should look. We couldn't be more honored to have him and his awesome Ironhead be a part of this show. Personally, I cannot wait to see this thing in person fly down Lakeside Ave., it just looks super fun. I asked Frank to write a little about himself and about the bike/build, here is what came of it.

-Mikey Revolt

My name is Frank Bowman, I own and operate Bowman Motorcycles out of St. Petersburg, Florida. The bike I will be bringing took the better part of a year and a half to build. The frame started life as a 1952 K model that I soon cut into pieces leaving only the lower engine cradle, goosnecked and sitting only 3 1/2 inches off the ground the bike stands at a total height of 27 1/2 inches to the tallest part of the motorcycle and rolls on a set of vintage 500.16 Firestone tires. The mill is a magneto powered Ironhead built from a combination of years for the most aesthetic and reliable components with hand made tins, bars and brass components. The fairing is an alloy hand shaped fairing dressing and a 1949 h-1 spotlight. The springer has been narrowed and chopped a significant amount to accommodate the low stance of the bike. I recently participated at The One Show in Portland, Oregon this year and just returned from Austin, Texas where I was an invited builder for the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show. I'm very excited to be given the opportunity to participate in this year's Fuel Cleveland!!! I have a lot of family strung about through Cleveland, Cincinnati and Kentucky so your show location has a lot of importance to me!  Thank you again so much for having me! - Sincerely Frank Bowman, Bowman Motorcycles :)

To see more of Frank's builds go to www.instagram.com/frankiebowmanmotorcycles and be sure to see "The Iron Panther" on May 9th at Fuel Cleveland.

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