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Monday, April 6, 2015

Steve Davis '55 Panhead

Photos by Doug Ewing
The circle of friends you meet over the years from traveling grows more and more each time you leave the house. I met Steve through some mutual friends not too long ago, they kept telling me "Man, you have to check out Steve's Pan, it's the gnarliest chopper, seriously." A few photos later I was hooked. This '55 Panhead screams old school chopper, straight out of the old movies. I usually don't care for a wide glide front end but this one for some reason just works more and more every time I look at. Eight long years of blood sweat and tears went into this bike and it's a damn fine Panhead. I am extremely excited to have Steve and some of the other Iowa boys coming out to Fuel Cleveland and you will be able to see this bike first hand on display on May 9th. I asked Steve to write a little something and this is what came of it...

-Mikey Revolt

Shit man, were do I start? Well I'm a Keokuk native. My ol' man was a chopper jockey back in the day, so I would have to give him all the credit for getting me into choppers. When I was a kid, he would keep me occupied with his old Easyriders, while him and his buddy's would cut loose. When I was a teenager, I'd spend Friday night's at his place, getting high and watching Lost Drive In on Speed Vision, they were always playing movies like Wild Angels and Rebel Rousers. There and then is when I decided I needed a chopper. So Labor Day Weekend 1997, I bought a '68 Triumph in a box at the Davenport IA swap for 3 bills. I had it put together by the time I graduated high school, and that's when I really discovered the lifestyle. I went to every abate rally I could get into, a few club parties, and did absolutely nothing but get fucked up and ride the piss out of my little triumph. I lived like that until I was in my later twenties and the Panhead fever got the best of me. I started with a 55 straight leg frame and spent the next 4 years collecting parts and another 2 years unfucking the fucked and building my dream chopper. Unfortunately, who ever built my motor did a real poor job, and I had to rebuild the motor, not once, but twice before I got to really ride it. So a long story short, I have 8 long years and Knucklehead money into my Panhead. I did it all on a Sportster income.

As far as shout-outs go, I have to give one to Michael Geltz and Doug Ewing for paint, photos, and just being homies. I should probably thank my boss, Terry Brack for letting me use the shop to do all my fab work. I would also like to give a shout-out to the Noots, both Jr and Sr, for all their help on getting my motor rebuilt. There are about half a dozen gray beards that have hooked up parts and knowledge, but they don't fuck around on the web so I'll have to thank them on my own time, and most importantly I would like to thank my ol' lady, Susan for putting up with me and my stupid choppers.


You can follow Steve and all his crazy adventures on www.instagram.com/panheadsteve

Photos by Doug Ewing

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