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Friday, May 6, 2016

Dan Dellostritto - Death Co.

A man of few words is sometimes more intriguing than the man who tells a million stories. Dan Dellostritto is one of those men with few words and lives a pretty interesting life. I've know the man since I started riding motorcycles and he's one of those guys I'm glad to call a good friend. Watching Triple Six Crew go from a small idea into where it is today has been really cool to see first hand. I'm really proud of Dan and all that he has accomplished with his company now known as Death Co. He's not too shabby when it comes to designing and building a cool bike too, so I thought it be cool to invite him to show off his latest rendition of his '72 shovel at Fuel Cleveland. I sat down with him the other day and asked him a handful of questions, this is what came of it.

-Mikey Revolt

State your name, what's your contribution to the motorcycle world and what bike you are going to be bringing to Fuel Cleveland. Oh wait, hold on...I can answer that for you, "HEY EVERYONE! IT’S TRIPLE SIX DAN! LOOK, LOOK EVERYBODY!” AHAHAH sorry I had to.

D: My name is Dan Dellostritto and I run the Death Co. I'll be bringing my 1972 FLH Shovelhead to Fuel Cleveland.

Where do you call home?

D: I was born and raised outside of Youngstown, OH and I currently reside in Columbus, OH.

Can you tell us a little about Death Co.'s history?

D: The Triple Six Crew Death Co. name was first used in the mid to late 90's. There were a bunch of us in my hometown who skated everyday and that is just the name that we called ourselves. It took on a few more shapes throughout the years but primarily it has been synonymous with a group of like minded individuals just looking to have a good time. It was about 5 or so years ago I decided to really push it and turn it into something greater. Back then I was hand screen printing patches in my basement. I would do small runs of shirts for mostly friends and shit like that. From there it just kind of turned into this ten-headed beast and it is where it is today.

Where do you see Death Co. going? Is it something you plan on doing as a full-time gig one day or are you already there?

D:  I've got a full-time day gig like most guys. Death Co. is just something that I do in my downtime.

What is the craziest thing you have ever seen come through your email or DM because of Death Co.?

D: You know I get asked this question a lot. I'll just say this – if you can imagine it, I've gotten it.

Where did your love for motorcycles come from, is there any history there you can share? 

D: I wasn't born into the motorcycle culture like a lot of guys. I didn't grow up ripping around on dirt bikes either. My stepdad had a harley when I was growing up and I remember being fascinated with all of his old stories and whatnot. If I had to guess, I'd say that it started there.

When did you start building your own motorcycles?

D: I picked up my first bike about 12 years ago. A bone stock Sportster that I rode the shit out of as is for years. It wasn't until a few years later that I actually started working on and modifying them.

Where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to building bikes?

D: Inspiration comes from everywhere. Your friends, dudes you dig on on the internet, shit guys built in the past.

What was your favorite version of this bike because it's gone through a few changes. I feel like the swing arm version was way more comfy, am I right? 

D: Even though the swing arm version was comfy as fuck, it's current state is by far my favorite.

What’s your all-time favorite traveling moment on two wheels? 

D: It'll sound cliche as hell, but anytime I'm on my bike is my favorite time.

What is up with the I-270 curse when it comes to the Columbus crew? It’s like the Bermuda Triangle, bikes don’t leave that area without some kind of crazy breakdown or story.

D: The I-270 curse is the fucking worst. It's like Murphy's Law when it comes to choppers.

What’s the most ridiculous breakdown you have encountered in your crew?

D: Let's just say this, one year it took us approximately 24 hours to go 170 miles.

What’s one place you have never been and want to go on your motorcycle? 

D: Anything out west, I haven't had the chance to experience much riding outside of the Midwest.

Who did you look up to when you were a kid?

D: My twin brother and my old man.

What life mottos or codes do you live by? 

D: Get Fucked!

Tell us about the garage space you share. Do you guys learn a lot from each other and what’s the vibe like there?

D: There are about ten of us that all share a spot at the Rice Paddy right outside of campus here in town. There's always something going on and there is definitely a plethora of knowledge floating around in that place. We are all just a bunch of grown ass men acting like 12 year olds all the time.

Name your all-time favorite spot to eat in Columbus? 

D: Villa Nova. A rad Italian joint in the Cliftonville.

When it comes to alcohol are you a beer, booze, or both kinda guy?

D: Whiskey.. always Whiskey.

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout-out to or thank?

D: Anyone who has ever supported Death Co. in any way shape or form.

Where can people follow you and more of your shenanigans?


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